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Auto Guided Vehicles aren't new. We added adaptability and came up with a new series of adaptable auto guided vehicles with RAGHAV. The innovation journey continues with the newest members of the family VAMEN & SAVEK.

We always strive hard to solve complex dynamic problems in load carriage and transportation, where tremendous human efforts are required.

Our product range has colour tape based AGVS (RAGHAV), natural navigation based AGV (VAMEN) and human tacking navigation based Human Guided Vehicle (HGV) (SAEVK)

Our AGVs are specifically designed to work under challenging floor conditions & demanding material handling requirements in manufacturing industries as well as in commercial segments. These smart AGVs are being made smarter with many upcoming Industry 4.0 features such as performance monitoring modules, auto loading-unloading accessories and wireless charging systems. Floor Transportation? Now Simplified, Truly!

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0-7o Controlled slope walking

Max Speed of 60m/min on Full Load

Long Range Obstacle Detection (0-8 Meters)

Mobile App Control for Manual Operation

Effortless navigation on on rough surfaces

Can tackle speed-breakers & extreme environmental conditions