Our very first offering in the RAGHAV Series, does exactly what you expect it to do. RAGHAV 0.5 is suitable even for unsophisticated plain concrete shop floors. It features all the essential utilities and stands out as the most affordable product in the segment.

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M-SENSE path guidance technology

RAGHAV 0.5 operates on the Metallic path sensing (M-SENSE, patent pending) technology invented inhouse. Unlike traditional magnetic tapes or laser guided paths, M-SENSE is 3 times more robust to wear & tear as well as environmental changes. Your RAGHAV 0.5 will keep running relentlessly even if it rains on shop floor!

Load capacity

RAGHAV 0.5 has a tugger capacity of 500 kg, while the unit load capacity is 250 kg.

Battery backup & charging time

RAGHAV 0.5 is able to run for a minimum of 8 hours when charged fully, that too on a fully loaded condition. The charging time is also a quick 4 hours.

Path reversal

RAGHAV 0.5 is enabled with self-rotation mechanism. This facilitates it to rotate along itself by 180 deg so that it can flip its course of travel, if needed.


1120 (L) x 630 (W) x 810 (H)

8+ safety sensors

RAGHAV 0.5 is equipped with more than 8 safety sensors which enable it to travel safely on your shop floor, avoiding fatal accidents happening in case of manual material handling.


Obstacle detection & emergency braking

Auto/Manual modes of operation

Mobile App

Emergency switch

Path cleaning mechanism

No floor/trolley modifications needed

1 year warranty (T&C apply)

Wireless charging

On-Track Charging

Automatic trolley hooking/unhooking

Automatic trolley hooking/unhooking

Automatic material loading/unloading

Automatic material loading/unloading

Fast charging

Fast charging

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