Tugger & Unit Load type AGVs

We developed the Tugger-type AGVs to fulfil the demand for a mobile robot that smoothens the floor transportation process. Yantra made a breakthrough in the industry and launched the first-ever AGV of its kind named RAGHAV - a mobile robot for heavy material movement specially designed for Indian shop floors.  

Raghav is a two-in-one AGV that can tow trolleys and carry bins/pallets as a unit load carriage. It complies with international safety standards. The ultra-modern technology of RAGHAV uses colored path guidance technology, which is three times more flexible than laser-based navigation. It is affordable and has low maintenance costs. The more advanced mobile robot, SLAM based natural navigation variant, relies on static natural features and does not need any extra infrastructure.

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RAGHAV - Value Added Features

When it comes to floor transportation, RAGHAV beats it. There are remarkable value-added features such as Self Rotation Feature and Mobile App Control. These features make RAGHAV easy to use along with minimizing the labor work.

RAGHAV on a steep incline

Our Flagship robot RAGHAV is now equipped with yet another interesting feature. It can now move seamlessly on uphill as well as downhill slope with full load. This is an added advantage for shop floors with un-levelled floors and inclinations or when it is needed to climb up and down ramps.

RAGHAV - Automatic Disinfectant Spray

We understand that COVID-19 pandemic has adversely affected the business continuity for a lot of us. But it is all the more necessary to take preventive measures to stop the spread of this virus. Our newest assembly to automatically spray disinfectant across any premises - be it a hospital, shop floor, or manufacturing unit, is one step forward in this direction.

RAGHAV operating in Sanjeev Auto

Material Handling on industrial shop floor truly made easy by our AGV - RAGHAV installed for Sanjeev Auto, Aurangabad. As seen in the video the mobile robot is easy to install without much floor modification required. Because the state of the art safety sensors it can be used in small spaces with employees moving about doing their regular tasks. For more information do visit our website www.yantrallp.com


User Friendly

No major shop floor

Epoxy painted floor
NOT mandatory

Compatible with
non-standard trolleys

Layout Flexibility

Low maintenance

Affordable cost

High Safety Standards
(Compliant with ANSI/ITSDF B56.5-2012)


Accurate Obstacle Detection

Stopping on Coliision Detection

IOT based Reporting

Emergency switch

Path Reversal Facility

No floor/trolley modifications needed

Opportunistic Charging





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