Low height AGVs

VAMEN is a compact tunnel type AGV and another innovative offering from Yantra. It is a low-height compact AGV that comes with flatbeds to access locations other AGVs cannot. Its slim structure enables it to reach under the trolley and lift the load easily. VAMEN automatically carries the load from one point to another with automated picking and placing of trolleys and pallets. It is bi-directional, i.e., it can move, both, forward and backward which helps lower cycle time and enable faster movements from point A to point B.

VAMEN has two collision detection sensors - at the front and the rear and 360-degree protection, making it safe to carry material on the factory floor. Additionally, VAMEN is an alternative to heavy stationary conveyors or gantries on assembly lines occupying permanent spaces.

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VAMEN - Colour Navigation Technology

Since every shop floor is different, the requirements for transportation are also different, based on which the navigation technology is bound to change. Here's presenting VAMEN working on Colour Navigation Technology which is as easy to adopt and very affordable.

VAMEN Automatic Weight Measurement feature

VAMEN has been installed with a built-in weighing scale which measures and displays the weight of load on the flatbed. This eliminates the need of a separate weighing station and reduces the cycle time considerably.

VAMEN Autonomous Pick & Place Mechanism

VAMEN is equipped with autonomous pick and place mechanism. So, it can go under any trolley or pallet and automatically lift it up and transport to the desired location and then place down. Thus, it achieves a complete automated material movement by saving additional costs of forklifts and pallet trucks.

VAMEN Station Selection and Obstacle Detection

VAMEN is Yantra’s tunnel type AGV(Automated Guided Vehicle) which is extremely low in height and works equally well on Natural & Colour Navigation. VAMEN's advanced Station Selection feature makes it possible for the operators to load and unload the material at varied points on the shop floor. Its state-of-the-art Obstacle Detection sensors make this independent journey from one station to another safe for the workers, as can be seen in the video.


User Friendly

Realtime Location Feedback

Multi Agent Commnication

Automatic Material Pick & Place

Layout Flexibility

Low maintenance

Enhanced Safety

High Safety Standards
(Compliant with ANSI/ITSDF B56.5-2012)


Obstacle detection & emergency braking

Auto Loading/ Unloading

Stopping on Collision Detection



Emergency switch

Traffic Management







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