About Us

Who we are ?

Yantra is a leading Indian company that provides robotics solutions for material handling challenges. We specialize in building Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) that handle floor transportation of material from one point to another without human intervention. We also have an expertise in customised Special Purpose Machines (SPMs) and Robotic Integration & Automation services.

Committed to innovation, we are driven to develop solutions that address the challenges our customers face continuously. We strive to provide solutions that are effective, reliable, and affordable.

How It Started?

Yantra's journey from an idea to a successful innovator of products is true to its work. In an era when goods are transported from one point to another on the shop-floor, predominantly, by human labour, a young entrepreneur identified an opportunity to impact the industry.

Along with his colleagues, he built the first Line Follower Robot prototype, which proved to be a revolution in its design and effectiveness. Soon, it would be ready to cater to the demands of the industrial and commercial segments.

The team has never looked back ever since. We have developed multiple products for a wide variety of applications for the shop-floor and warehouse. Our young and enthusiastic team's hard work and passion have been recognized through various awards and partnerships with clients globally, and we remain committed to revolutionizing material handling through robotics.

Philosophy, Vision, and Mission

Yantra has a clear vision and mission for the company's future and the mobile robotics industry. Our set of values and ethics include - Imagination, a Never-say-die attitude, Innovation, Illustrate, and Achieve.

Our mission is to deliver the best products to the industry at affordable prices. We aim to help the small and mid-sized enterprises in solving their floor transportation problems.

We are very passionate about our vision, and laser-focused on achieving it. We want to emerge as the best Indian brand in robotics globally, and every year, we are one step closer to achieving that goal.

Our Make in India Motto

India is an emerging destination for the robotic revolution. Yantra is India’s leading tech company that will inspire the country's younger generation about mobile robot development.

Yantra has always been on the path to representing India on the global stage for new robotics innovations. We aim to develop the next world-class AGVs and Mobile Robots locally and make the country proud.

Achievements and Awards

Yantra has achieved many awards through its innovative technology. With the sheer passion of the team, we are striving for many awards in the future also. Our global achievements and partnerships have made us proud. Take a look at some of the awards and achievements below -

  • Achieved DIPP recognition under Startup India Scheme in August 2018.
  • Among the top 3 companies for developing world-class AGVs and AMRs.
  • Bagged clients like Sansera Engineering, and many more across India.
  • At the global level, we are associated with Bastian Solutions, Kollmorgen Sweden, Affordable Robotics, Guidance Automation UK.
  • Amongst ‘Top 10 Material Handling Solution Providers’, issued by Industry Outlook in May 2020.

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