Position Title : Computer Vision Engineer

Department : Product Development

Location : Aurangabad,Maharashtra, India

Employment type:


Academic Requirements:

  • A completed academic M.S. /M. Tech/B.S./B.E./B.Tech degree in Mechanical/Electronics/Electrical/Computer Engineering from a premier institute.
  • Strong competencies in algorithms and software design optimized for embedded systems.

Work Experience:

  • 0-4 years

Required Skills:

We are looking for a detail-oriented individual to join our team and share the same passion that we have to apply our skill sets in a cross functional environment. This is an opportunity to apply your knowledge, creativity and experience in machine automation, robotics and control systems to solve existing product problems and to help design new products to solve the existing problems.

  • Experience or familiarity in algorithms in vision problems
  • Expert programming skills and knowledge of C/C++, and/or Objective-C, MATLAB
  • Expert knowledge in MATLAB image processing toolbox & openCV
  • Development experience on Unix, Linux or iOS and OS X software technologies
  • Interest in microcontrollers, PLC, sensors, wireless communication, Computer Vision
  • Good knowledge of image processing fundamentals such as Filters, Homographies, Edge detection, Hough transforms
  • Familiarity with path planning, motion planning, perception, vision systems, localization, mapping, control systems, Fourier transforms, Cameras & Images, Stereo, projective & Epipolar geometry, camera calibrations, image features & descriptors, Kalman filtering, Lucas Kanade methods, disparity estimation, view synthesis.
  • Knowledge of internal hardware, 3D camera designs, design logic and camera logic
  • Familiarity with ROS (Robot Operating System)
  • Excellent software design, problem solving and debugging skills
  • Strong verbal and written communication and teamwork skills
  • Prior experience of working with PLC, ARM, Atmel, Atmega processors
  • Organised working, good and thorough documentation habits
  • High level of technical aptitude and understanding of systems design
  • MS Office and technical presentation skills
  • Readiness to make a long-term commitment of 2-3years.


  • Develop and test vision algorithms to control robots and advanced hardware systems created for human interaction environments.
  • Research, invent, and implement novel ideas and solutions for interactive design systems using state-of-the-art machine learning and deep learning methods
  • Develop and evaluate state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms for real-time control of robots and other hardware devices.
  • Port, implement, and optimize analytics and machine learning algorithms using special purpose computing architectures.
  • Propose and implement creative, efficient solutions for vision and control problems, and contribute to expanding our intellectual property portfolio.
  •  Perform technical performance benchmarking and analyses to support engineering decisions.
  •  Determine project specifications and project schedule by studying product requirements and specifications, calculating time requirements and sequencing project elements.
  • Keep current with latest trends and technologies to help future research subjects and anticipate development needs
  •  Assist in installation and running of product demonstrations.
  •  Debugging with no additional support.
  •  Participate in design reviews.
  •  Documentations for design control.