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Automated Disinfecting of Premises

Our previous article “Maximum ROI in Corona Times” dealt with the small but significant measures that you can adopt for your company, which can guarantee an increase in ROI even in these tough times. This pandemic has adversely affected the business continuity for each of us. Now, when we slowly try to resume our businesses, it is important for us to act responsibly for the health and well-being of our employees. By now all of us are aware that the only 2 things that work against COVID-19 are social distancing and sanitation. We should lay certain guidelines and train our staff to maintain the minimum specified distance while working. We should also make sure that there are no queues while entering and exiting the company. Sanitizer should be provided to all the employees before entering the premises. This was about employees, but what about the company premises?

It has been established that coronavirus can stay active on all kind of surfaces for long hours making the machinery, raw materials and floors unsafe. This makes it even more imperative for us to sanitize the entire properties in regular time intervals to make sure we keep the risk of spreading infection at minimum. As per WHO guidelines also, it is required to disinfect the common public places time and again. Only if we keep the spread to minimum can we ensure the smooth operations and achieve the desired outputs.

Now consider if we want to spray the disinfectant in an automobile company shop-floor. Even if you want to spray the entire shop-floor with disinfectant twice a day, it will take ages to do so manually. Moreover, as per Indian Ministry for Health, prior to disinfecting, the worker should wear disposable rubber boots, gloves (heavy duty), and a triple layer mask. So, making this equipment available to the sanitary workers is also a challenge due to shortage and yet even though the equipment is made available, they are always at risk. Then what is the solution for this?

Automated Disinfecting is a much better option. As you all know, we have and always will vouch for automation and robotics. Not because we are the makers, but because it’s a safer option. Mobile robots like AGVs do not require any human assistance and work in a much-needed contact less manner. We have devised special assembly for our AGVs which can carry disinfectant in a tank on the top and spray it in both the directions at the same time autonomously. This covers a larger area in less time and also makes sure that we are not risking human life in the sanitizing process. Some will prefer UV disinfecting over traditional liquid spray. Not to worry, our AGVs come with the UV disinfectant mounting as well. This makes it even easier, no need to refill the tank with disinfectant.

Disinfecting is necessary for any premises and not just hospitals. It is required in food, pharma and any manufacturing industry with employees working on shop-floors. It is equally needed for warehouses, government offices, common areas for multi-building societies, public areas. And instead of doing it manually by increasing the chances of infection, it is better done automatically by robots, don’t you agree?

We know this situation is a bit overwhelming. But we have to accept this new normal and keep our businesses running in order to maintain the country’s economic growth. What measures are you taking before opening up your businesses? Write to us in the comments section below.


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