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Maximum ROI in Corona Times

Everything you read or hear these days is about coronavirus, be it an article in newspaper, a blog on your favorite website, discussions on TV or every other post on social media. Then why the need of one more article, you’d ask. Well, amid these never-ending lockdowns and social distancing which have now become a norm, we thought of bringing some positivity to all you industries out there!

This global pandemic is affecting every industry in one way or the other. So, how do we function to achieve what we had planned? In today’s article “Maximum ROI in Corona Times” we are going to see exactly the same – how to achieve maximum returns even in these trying times. We sincerely hope this will bring a little glimpse of hope for all of you.

  • Automate: Right from the very beginning, we have been stating the importance of automation in all the manufacturing industries be it automobile, food, textile or pharmaceuticals. And especially in times like these when companies are supposed to operate with fewer workers, it becomes all the more imperative to adopt automation. A single AGV can do the work of 3 humans in just the same time. Now consider, even if 60% of your processes are automated, you will be able to work as efficiently with just 25% of your workforce. You will agree that’s a considerable saving.
  • Hygiene and Safety: Corona has definitely taught us the importance of hygiene. Hygiene & safety of employees was and always will be a matter of highest priority for any industry, now more so than ever. Along with regular health checks, companies must provide masks, gloves, sanitizer to all the employees and strictly follow the WHO guidelines. Deploying autonomous systems like hygienic AGVs that operate in a contactless manner for jobs like material movement reduces the chances of infection.
  • Optimum use of available resources: Procuring raw materials has become an altogether complex affair these days, with so many restrictions on the vehicle and material movement between district and state boundaries. So, the available resources have to be utilized with utmost care and precision which can be possible only if the wastage is minimum. Autonomous systems like AGVs work with ZERO human interference and hence also help to avoid naturally occurring human errors, thereby reducing wastage.
  • Achieving maximum productivity: With fewer workers to be present on the shop floors, it is a must to work in shifts to achieve the desired targets. Automation, as mentioned earlier helps to reach the goal and also attain better productivity. For example, our AGVs work 24x7without any breaks, thus utilizing the time with 100% efficiency.
  • Keep your employees motivated: Last but not the least, it is extremely necessary to be motivated yourself and also motivate all your employees in this crisis of a situation. It can be very taxing for everyone to be cooped up at home watching the latest updates about this pandemic. To find positivity at work is equally difficult. Small activities like motivating speeches, personalized emails to employees and CSR activities done by the companies can be good sources of inspiration for the employees.

We are following these simple yet smart technics to achieve maximum output in this situation. Try for yourself and do let us know what works best for you. If you have any other tricks up your sleeve, let us know those too in the comments section below.

Most important thing for all of us to sail through this spot is to stand united. Remember we are all in this together and with our collective effort, this too shall pass!

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