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RAGHAV – The Corona Warrior

The Coronavirus pandemic is affecting every industry in some way or the other. But the most affected of them all is the Healthcare Industry. Doctors, nurses, helpers are constantly exposed to infected patients and face high risk during the treatments. As of April 2020, around 45+ hospitals were sealed and 2000+ healthcare workers were quarantined. This number is on the rise and with every passing day more and more healthcare workers are getting infected with COVID-19. This made us think, we had always said that our mobile robots can help in medical sector and what better time than this?

At Rucha Yantra, we focus on designing user-friendly minimalistic robots which can serve specific purposes instead of adding unnecessary complex features. Our flagship robot RAGHAV was designed with such objective to be able to transport material from one place to other without much floor modifications or pre-installation changes. A few tweaks by our genius engineers and RAGHAV became capable to operate in healthcare.

The main idea behind incorporating it in hospitals is to minimize the human contact with COVID-19 patients wherever possible. RAGHAV being independent in operations was the best fit for it. Our built-in unit mounted on top of RAGHAV can hold multiple food trays, medicine boxes and linen sets which can be delivered to the patients in isolation wards and quarantine zones in a contactless manner. Not just that, we have also devised a special assembly by which it can autonomously spray disinfectant in all directions at the same time to keep the spread of coronavirus at minimum. It also comes with an alternative UV disinfectant kit which can be used to sanitize the isolation wards, operation theatres, hallways and the entire premises of the hospital. This reduces human efforts to a great extent and keeps them available for other important jobs.

RAGHAV is small but rugged, hence it can be used to carry to the heaviest of medical equipment like support instruments and ventilators within the hospitals. The intelligent sensors and object avoidance technology make it safe to operate in confined spaces or even through lifts along with the fellow humans. Please refer to the table on page 2 for detailed specifications.

Another very important advantage of deploying RAGHAV is to dispose the hazardous waste. For treating COVID-19 patients, masks, gloves, shields and PPE kits are a necessity. Their daily disposal after use becomes very difficult. Apart from this, there are numerous other bio hazardous wastes that are generated in hospitals. Asking the staff to dispose this waste is like risking them with infections. Since, RAGHAV can dispose this on his own, the spread of infections is minimized.

RAGHAV is extremely affordable and requires no floor modifications to operate because of the natural navigation technology. We have also made available a simpler variant with mobile operation. The ease of operation and installation makes it suitable for healthcare environments, wherein the already busy doctors, nurses and staff do not have to take time out of their schedule to learn to operate it. RAGHAV is serving as a true corona warrior by helping the healthcare workers who are on the frontline.

We believe that the use of mobile robots like RAGHAV can, although by a fraction, reduce the tremendous burden on our medical professionals in these trying times. Ultimately, it will save our saviours by reducing the infection risks and will help to keep the fight against COVID-19 alive!

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