Top 5 applications of 5G

At the end of the last blog, we concluded that 5G is proving to be one of the most exciting new tech developments of the age. It shall impact our daily lives immensely and also open up new avenues of business. Continuing with the topic, we shall now look at the top 5 applications of 5G.

When it comes to 5G, there is more than what meets the eye. It has the potential of revolutionizing change beyond our smartphones and the internet. Let us see how!

Industrial Automation

Currently, many industrial applications require cables for connectivity due to the low range of Wi-Fi solutions. It limits the mobility and quality of services produced. 5G promises a better adoption of industrial automation as it offers low latency, high reliability, and high bandwidth to support critical applications. Industrial automation applications can level up and go fully wireless, enabling more efficient, more intelligent factories. With 5G, we can see wireless flexibility, reduced costs, and automation’s viability turn into a reality.

Automation tools such as Rucha Yantra’s Autonomous Guided Vehicles ( are a perfect example where the onset of 5G shall prove to be beneficial for businesses.


Already available technology shall benefit primarily from 5G as it opens up broader applications. Compared to previous generations, factors such as more incredible speed and lower latency shall help in the greater adoption of wearable diagnostic devices, remote monitoring, and personalized care. Hospitals and doctors shall quickly deploy AI to diagnose patients and decide on the best treatment plan customized to a particular patient.

Collaboration between medical professionals shall also take a boost allowing them to improve patient care.

Emergency Communications

Imagine a fire has broken out in a building in a busy area of the city. By road, emergency services like ambulances and fire trucks would have to navigate lots of traffic on their way and take longer to reach. Instead, what if drones could fly by quickly with water cannons and medicines to rescue the stranded people? They would get there faster and be more targeted in their work.

This can be made possible and widely adopted through 5G. 5G will allow real-time remote control of devices, like drones, as it has a low latency of less than 10ms. The same can be true for any accident, thus, improving the effectiveness of emergency services.

Technologies supported by 5G can also help in remote policing, vehicle telemetry, vehicle diagnostics, etc.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

AR/VR experiences foster multi-dimensional interactions which connect consumers flawlessly with their surrounding environment. The 5G enhanced models are enriched to take AR and VR experiences to the next level. Its horizons will include new use cases such as personalized marketing and augmented and virtual shopping experience.


5G shall fast-track the Internet of Things and give an extra enhancement to the fourth industrial revolution. Control units and sensors installed in facilities and machines and logistics chains benefit from this fast and reliable real-time data transfer.

5G can connect high volumes of devices on a factory floor in real-time and ensure enhanced security through private networks that securely store data locally and can be managed on-site rather than in the cloud. This makes it ideal for supporting manufacturers to enhance productivity. Thus, 5G improves product quality, boosts factory efficiency, helps companies stay competitive, and enhances safety, security, and sustainability.


5G has a massive scope of impact across industries and our personal lives. What makes it exciting is that it is still under development and promises to bring in new features. All in all, 5G is much more than a simple upgrade. It is a complete change in our lifestyle.

We at Rucha Yantra are very excited about its adoption. We shall continue in the next blog with some specific applications of 5G. Stay tuned to our Knowledge Corner for regular updates.

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