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In all our previous articles so far, we have discussed about material handling, multiple issues faced by different sectors of industries in material hanlding, how we came up with our first ever AGV – RAGHAV and how it has helped resolve these impending  material handling issues. If you have not gone through our articles or even if you want to revisit, you can do so right now by clicking this link: All our articles are present on our website under the “Knowledge Corner” tab. Today however, we are going to discuss an entirely different subject that we are very sure, a lot of you might be wondering about. Why Make in India?

History of Robotics:

Like they all say, let’s start from the beginning. A lot of us have grown up reading Isaac Assimov’s brilliant books and watching science fiction movies, but did you know robots are much older than that? Every mythology has its own idea of robot be it Chinese, European, Arabic or even Indian. Although most of these were just concepts, we do have proofs in the form of actual designs inspired by them.

Robots do not necessarily mean the human like figures from sci-fi movies. For us, a robot is a machine that’s capable of carrying out routine or complex actions programmed by engineers. Although research and experimenting had started in the early 18th century, the industrial revolution paved the way for new advances in technology. This was also the time when “robotics” was legitimately established as a study of science and usage of robots. As the industries grew, assembly lines with mechanical bots like arms started replacing humans for speed and quality. With the invention of computer, programming of machines became possible and mechanically controlled robots now became autonomous.

Make in India:

Industrial revolution began a little later in India as compared to US, Europe and Japan. Although we have seen a steady growth in the technological advancements, there is still a large sector which is 100% dependent on manual labor. According to a study, India has only 3 robots for every 10000 workers which way too less than the world average of 74 robots. The main reason for this is the cost of adopting automation and robotics for Indian manufacturing industries is very high. And the principle reason behind these high costs is the lack of Indian companies working in robotics. So, the industries are forced to import robots which can range anywhere between $80,000 to $1,00,000. On top of this, the companies have to pay a tax of 26.85% on these imported robots, making it even more expensive. We also noticed that Indian shop floor conditions are also very different than other countries making it even more challenging to adopt to these foreign made products.

This is when we decided to step in. With the thought of Indian manufacturing industries, we decided to come up with our innovative designs to reduce their efforts. We all know that material handling is a redundant activity which does not usually add any value to the production. Most of the times it is considered as an overhead. When we learned how this is a recurring issue because of lack of proper equipment, we decided to find a permanent solution. We being an R&D organisation by nature, resolved to specialize in indigenous designing and manufacturing of standard as well as tailor made robotic systems for industrial and commercial applications. We started focusing on designing user friendly minimalist robots, which give exactly what is needed, no more needless complex features adding up to unnecessary product cost.

The most important part of our Make in India strategy is affordability. The ease of installation and complete responsibility of maintenance of our products have given the Indian industries an added advantage. They can visit our plant to know us, see demos of our products, as our experts to survey your premises and much more which is possible with minimum costs when it is in your very own country.

Yantra – True Indian Tech Start-up:

Driven by the Values:

Imagine the Unthinkable

Never-Say-Die to make it real

Devise Awesome Products

Illustrate ceaseless efforts

Achieve for each first letter (INDIA)

Powered by the Vision:

To globally emerge as the best Indian brand in robotics.

Research shows that industrial robot installation in India grew about 27% in last 2 years. It is our objective to become a part of this great transformation. Want to know more about how we plan to achieve it? Leave your email id in the comments section below and we would get back to you.

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