Cybersecurity: An urgency for manufacturers

Welcome back to our series on cybersecurity. We hope you found our first blog interesting. Through this particular piece, we wish to convey how cybersecurity is essential for manufacturers and how they can take the first steps toward ensuring the security of their operations in the digital age. Read on!

Over the last couple of decades, a considerable transformation has occurred in the manufacturing industry. Industry 4.0 has introduced modern production, monitoring, quality inspection, planning, etc., and manufacturers have reaped enormous benefits from their investments. In a nutshell, factories are increasingly becoming ‘smarter’ by the day.

However, as more and more aspects of manufacturing get connected to the digital world for enhancement, a new challenge is taking shape in the form of cyber threats. Factories, now, are a common target for hackers and cyber attackers to steal confidential information and money and disrupt the operations with an ill intention.

Every smart factory has data-driven operations with information about raw materials, production details, location of ongoing deliveries, and confidential customer data, which attackers can use to manipulate and extort money. Moreover, every device, sensor, or IT system installed in a factory has become an asset and a vulnerability at the same time.

Thus, securing your manufacturing business from cyber threats is crucial for smooth functioning and avoiding significant losses. To do so, developing and implementing a solid cybersecurity system in your smart factory is essential; the system must be able to identify threat exposure and deal with any incoming cyber-attacks effectively. Let’s look at the steps you can take to mitigate cyberattacks.

How can smart factories mitigate cyberattacks?

Identify and assign priorities

Most of the attacks are focused on stealing victims’ details, manipulating them for information or money, causing hindrance in work and vandalism. However, there could be numerous other ways cyber attackers could disrupt your business. Thus, the first step is to assess which kinds of activities are likely to threaten your business digitally. Make a list and assign priorities to each one.

Develop a policy

Factories need to enforce strict IT policies that can identify threats and even predict them. Each stakeholder must adhere to these policies. 100% compliance is the only way to secure.

Secure your applications

As of date, almost every factory is using one software or the other – be it for production planning, accounts, or stock management. Each software is like a gateway for cyber attackers to hack into your systems and create chaos. Therefore, you must insert security measures and firewalls into all your software to keep them safe.

Build a solid defense

Prevention is better than cure. So should it be when to preventing cyber attacks too. Investing in cybersecurity measures today can ensure the future safety of your business.

  • Consult a cybersecurity expert for risk assessment
  • Identify and monitor all connected devices in real-time
  • Be updated and download software updates regularly as it becomes difficult for hackers to exploit the newest updates
  • Provide cybersecurity training to all the employees and imbibe that culture

Upgrading yourself into smart manufacturers is not only beneficial but necessary. However, it has its new challenges. To avoid the risks of getting exposed to cyber-attacks, a manufacturer must three basic questions:

  • Are we investing enough in cybersecurity?
  • Do we have a response strategy to mitigate an attack?
  • Can we afford to ignore the risk?

At Rucha Yantra, we take cybersecurity very seriously and aim to spread awareness among the manufacturing sector. Stay connected as we bring more exciting pieces around cybersecurity next!

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