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SAEVK: Human Guided Vehicle

We know that Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) are portable robots which follow a prefixed path for navigation. They can tow the material stored on trailers and trolleys attached behind them or can store the material on the overhead beds for conveyance. They are used to transport loads in a manufacturing facility or a warehouse, where repetitive movement of material is required with little or no human interaction. Now a days, they are deployed in nearly every industry including automobile, food, pharmaceuticals, textiles and much more, their scope ranging from handling raw materials to finished products. We have plenty of articles about AGVs and their applications in our Knowledge Corner series which you can refer to. In fact, our flagship products RAGHAV and VAMEN are awesome examples of ideal AGVs.

But in some cases, it is difficult to predict in advance, the path that the AGV is going to traverse. For example, if we want the AGV to carry our luggage at airport. Did you know that on average, each international traveler carries around 50 Kg of baggage including check-in and carry-on, that makes it around 150 Kg for a family of 3. Now that is definitely a considerable number. Or imagine a situation where a super market worker has to stalk 10 Kg flour bags on the display shelf. It is definitely very heavy to be manually pushed by a trolley but since different flours are kept on different shelves, it is also difficult to fix a path for the AGV. Here, AGVs operating on colour sense or even natural navigation technology seem futile. So, what is the solution for this problem?

The answer is SAEVK – first ever Human Guided Load Carrier. It is first of its kind Human Guided Vehicle or a Human Following load carrier, which is meant to reduce your efforts. Just put your luggage on SAEVK and it will follow you like an obedient assistant. Apart from the situations discussed above, old people, sick people, people with back issues and pregnant women require assistance in carrying heavy loads even in their day-to-day life. SAEVK is a helping attempt in this very own direction.

Let us see how it works. You just have to register yourself on its easy system. Wear the SAEVK jacket with Fiducial Marker and be relaxed. SAEVK will follow you wherever you go. What’s more, it stops when you stop. You can remove some luggage or put some more and then resume your travel. It always keeps a safe distance between you so its 100% safe. It has collision detection also. So if anybody comes in between you and SAEVK it will stop at emergency. Once the hurdle is passed it will resume following you without any issue or without having to interfere.

Let us now see what make SAEVK special.

  • SAEVK is user friendly and designed in such way that anyone can use it just by following the simple instructions mentioned on it. You need not know how it works for getting work done from it. All you need to do is register yourself with our quick registration module, wear the SAEVK jacket with a Fiducial Marker and be relaxed. SAEVK will follow you wherever you go.
  • SAEVK is well equipped with multiple safety sensors and has object avoidance as well as collision detection ability. So if any other person comes in between you and SAEVK, it stops immediately making it 100% safe to operate in any premises. Once the hurdle is passed it resumes following you without any interference.
  • SAEVK does not require any major shop floor modifications as it is constructed on vision – based tracking. Therefore, no need to lay down traditional magnetic strips or even colour strips before its installation. It is very compact and light weight. Hence it can also be used in grocery shops, warehouses, exhibition centers where the paths are very narrow.
  • SAEVK comes with Pay as you Use feature which means just like rental service, you only have to pay for the specific time you have taken service from SAEVK. This feature is of great help at airports and super stores which are customer facing.

SAEVK is India’s first ever Human Guided Load Carrier. We believe it is our future and will be a great hit in the commercial markets in days to come. What do you think? Leave your thoughts in comments section below.

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